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the story of no more SxE.

I can finally be a member of this group and actually have tried shit.


I did meth yesterday,
and it was quite the experience.

When I was first offered it,
everyone was trying to teach me the proper way of smoking it.

They told me not to inhale,
but to sort of keep it in my mouth,
even if it tried going down,

and so My first attempt..

I waited until the crystal was being done melted in the pipe..

and I put the pipe to my lips,
Tried to inhale and keep it in my mouth,
Unfortunately I inhaled wrong because it burned my throat,
and then I released it and out it came through my mouth...and through my nose.


I tried 2 more times on the pipe,
and then everyone was suggesting new techniques for me.

After that,
I was going a little off,
but mostly i just kept zoning out.

We went behind an alley later that day,
and some guys had some more.
I tried it a few more times,
each time becoming easier and easier.

And thats my story.
Straight edge no more.

the end.
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