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I hadnt been able to get anything for a while, but my friend sarah managed to hook it up. So then me and kevin got spun and we need somewhere to go thats 24 hours, but i live in a town that closes down at 9, so we went to the park. I had to pee. But i ignored it and told my lifestory to Kevin, and he did that same. We spent 8 hours driving around sitting in random spots talking, smoking. My dad is onto me again. i swear, anything remotely tweaker-esque, he will call me out on. the sun is coming up. my face is hot and my feet are cold, but ii feel so happy, for once, whih is sad. but oh well, at least its something. boys suck. thats all. i'm going to post another entery when im coming down, just to see how much my moods change
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