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Just one more line....oh no..there's no more


twacked out
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Ever did a line and burned your nose to the point that your eyes turned blood shot red?
Ever went into your grandma's purse to steal money for drugs because she was being a bitch that day?
were your friends going to take a line and started laughing for no reason...and blew everything away!?!

this is the place to tell your stories about being drugged out and helping each other out on information.
when you first started, the feeling, coming down on it and all that good stuff.
join and we will share our stories

Because everyone's doing IT


1.fill out the application within 2 days. Remeber this is NOT a rating community. It is just to let us know a little bit more about you. If you fale to do so. You will not be let in the community.
2.Do not be a bitch here. Leave the bitching some where else.
3.Tell us all your stories you have to share! but remeber if its long put it behind an lj-cut. i don't want people getting mad for it being too long.


How long you have endulged in methamphetamines:
Preferred method of usage:
Why you enjoy the drug:
Favorite music to play while spun:
At least one picture of yourself (If more then one, lj cut):


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xoladyvamp -nessa
shescursed -steph


promoting a community is always a good thing to do when you are in one.
So if you like to promote please use this picture.

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